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Parent Involvement


An Open House is held at each school at the beginning of the school year. Parents visit the classrooms, meet teachers, and receive an overview of curriculum, homework policy and academic expectations. 

Parent-Teacher Conferences are held twice during the school year, providing an opportunity to discuss your child’s strengths and weaknesses. Parents receive report cards indicating the performance and effort made by children in curriculum areas.

If a parent has a specific question about his or her child’s education, inquiries should be directed through a specific line of communication: 

1) the teacher or other appropriate staff member; 

2) the building principal;

3) the Assistant Superintendent for Instruction and Educational Services;

4) the Superintendent;

5) the Board of Education.

Get Involved in Education

For our educational system to flourish, it needs the involvement and participation of all members of our community. Each and every citizen of Merrick has an important contribution to make to the effective functioning of our school district.

Partners in Education- PTA
The Merrick School District welcomes and encourages the involvement of parents in their children's education. Our Parent Teacher Association (PTA) provides us with generous and consistent support, which enhances the social, educational and cultural resources at each of our schools. In addition, our PTAs are in touch with our legislators, and help keep us abreast of new legislation that has potential impact on the community. Through the PTAs, parents, teachers, and administrators are able to come together to create a richer environment for children. We urge all parents to become members of these important groups and join the Merrick School District as active partners in education. 

The Merrick Board of Education- BOE
One way to become a part of the educational process is through participation in the meetings of the Board of Education. The seven-member Board serves without pay and is elected by residents to three-year terms of office. The Board generally meets at least once a month on Tuesdays beginning at 7:15 p.m. at the Katherine E. Reif Administration Center. Meetings are listed in the calendar, and visitors are welcome.